Wednesday, April 05, 2006

AIDing and abetting

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Poor Third World, We know you are miserable from your lack of food, clean water, and hopeful reconstruction. Furthermore, we understand that 'Life' in general can be somewhat less than, say, fun? Lack of funds squelches dinner and a movie, to be sure, and a night out at the local pub is, well, rare to be sure. What with balancing priorities between shelter, food, and sanitation, it is likely that few things in life still bring you joy. Joy, like the touch of your partner? Well, with all that being said, and seeing how miserable you really are in your current digs, We the People of the United States, are here to save you from yourselves! Oh yes. That nasty AIDS thing you folks have going on? We have the answer! Stop Shagging! Yep, you got it, put the nasty little willie to bed and quit spreading the risk. We know, we know, this is probably one of the absolute last things on earth that brings you joy and satisfaction, and costs nothing (mostly), but we're pretty sure we want you to lose this perk along with all the others (eating, drinking, breathing, living, traveling, learning, well you get the point). Uncle Jerry F says that abstinence is the key. If you don't cook the meat, then no way your gonna burn it, right?

Ok, so you get my drift here? The US of Ass holes, Bush as lead sphincter, is spending Billions of dollars at nearly a 33% ratio of all foreign AIDS expenditures, running around the world telling everyone to keep the dipstick dry!?!? Please, someone tell me why it costs billions of dollars to shout at a wall? I will gladly run to the top of any mountain you chose and spit into the wind for half that cost! Are we freakin' nuts? Abstinence taught to a Russian sex worker as the solution for AIDS? (and oh yes, here is 25 % for condoms and 45 % for bullshit, and oops!, no money left for science, oh well) This article tells of the GAO's not very flattering review of Bushy's so called "ABC's" of AIDS prevention.

U.S. teams on the ground in Africa and other poor areas told Congress' Government Accountability Office that the requirement that they spend a specific percentage of their money on abstinence is hurting some efforts to tailor prevention programs to countries' needs.

The directives are creating confusion and forcing reduction in some programs deemed necessary for pregnant women, high-risk groups like truck drivers and sex workers, married couples and sexually active youths, the GAO said

I am getting sick and tired of being sick and tired at this inept administrations handling of, well, anything! I am not suggesting that world peace would come from all the poor folks 'screwing' themselves into utopia, but at least my argument makes sense, joking or not! We have no business, once again, running around the world like a hall monitor on steroids, telling people to practice our piety! For Christ's sake, no wonder a majority of the world looks at Christians as freaks, Christ would not have gone here.

"For example, although the guidance restricts activities promoting condom use, it does not clearly delineate the difference between condom education and condom promotion, causing uncertainty over whether certain condom-related activities are permissible," the report said.

The State Department told the GAO it will work to change the regulations to make them clearer.

Hmmm, well condom balloons are definitely in, and what about condom water bags? Maybe Oral sex with a condom, but definitely not vaginal, but what about hand manipulation with a condom? Does Uncle Jerry think that's fine? (not that a condom is necessary there, unless you have to pass out communion soon, I know... poor taste, whatever) I am digressing here, I know, but I really can't think of any other way to portray how silly and wasteful and tasteless this policy is, other than to be silly and tasteless, and waste type space here. I have to share this piece of Bovine Wisdom with you, straight from Mark Dybul, the State Department's deputy global AIDS coordinator,

It's important to have guidance that shifted us from where we were, which was not a good situation," he said. "It was too much 'C' (condoms)" prior to Bush's three-year-old program, he added.

OK, so we are better off paying Billions for lip service on abstinence to 3rd World mostly non-Christian people, rather than buy them a damn condom? In a rare twist from my normal decorum, I will follow a few before me and go ahead and say it. Un-Fucking Believable.

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Blogger Tom Harper said...

Yup, that's our top priority. Bring these billions of sinners home to Jesus.

Wed Apr 05, 06:12:00 PM 2006  
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