Saturday, June 24, 2006

Creative Legislation

I honestly don't know what to think anymore. With this weeks failed faux vote on troop withdrawals, I don' know what to think about our system of pompous politicians anymore. Kerry and Feingold, no more wanted an actual troop withdrawal this year, anymore than Harry Reid wanted to allow it. This kind of bullshit posturing at the expense of constituents is exactly what has made this country falter in its beliefs that we have any kind of chance to fix our failed political system. 86-13, what a farce!

When Senators want something, they bargain and get it. When they just want an appearance on "Hardball", they simply throw out a sacrificial lamb. Let me put it like this, if Feingold or Kerry had truly wanted the bill to have a serious run, they would have tied a big fat pork barrel to it. "Bring Jimmy home, and help build a new bridge across the Arizona desert, all at the same time!", or "Help us stop the war and ensure that the study of naked carpenter ants in art can be sustained!", or how about my favorite, "Gentlemen, let us stop the war, kill the minimum wage, and give ourselves a fat pay raise by signing this one bill."

That's the problem, there just isn't any creative thinking going on in Washington anymore. Come to think of it, there isn't much thinking at all in Washington anymore! Where is Ben Franklin when you need him?

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