Friday, March 30, 2007

Weiners, Winers, and Winners

Have you ever had a weiner at your feet? I mean a cuddly, warm, well bred all American Hot Dog curled around your sore bunyuns at the end of the day? Well, I have and I do.

My trademark insignia on my homepage, and my former icon here, both depict my faithful loverdog Cali as posed above. The most remarkable thing about this young girl is that at any given moment.... she could give less than two shits about our putrid handling of life, liberty, and world affairs.

Ain't it great to be canine? I mean imagine...who could care if Iran "Iraqs" the Arab World? Or better yet, who gives a shit if "Sunni Arabia" controls the interests of the "Shiite Republic of What-the-F-Ever"???

Callous as this post may seem, it occurs to me that the United States of America, should quite possibly unite at some point, and the civil wars of antiquated, deposed, subserviant, bass-ackwards, Crusade surving nations might just need to take a back seat to the actual trials and tribulations of the real world here at home.

Just a thought or two inspired by my weiner...


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