Saturday, April 22, 2006

Open Mouth, Insert Size 17 Rollerskate

It is inconceivable how a political party as organized and established as the DNC, can continue to exist with the multitude of blatant faux pas! I am once again not stunned at the latest headlines that have yet another high ranking Congressmen stepping down from his post. U.S. Rep. Alan Mollohan, D-W.Va., the top Democrat on the House ethics committee, abandoned his post in order to "defend his financial conduct".

How very Tom Delay-ish. I am not a proponent of the Republican party, nor am I tilting to 'port' on my axis, I just believe that foul politics are just that, foul. Why oh why, can a man on an "ethics comittee" allow himself to be outed like this? I did not ask how, for I know the answer there, it is politics. Rather I ask why. Why does the DNC so eloquently self destruct every single time? How is it that this party of foibles can continue to be the GOP's best friend, every single time!

It was reported a couple of weeks ago, that Mollohan apparantly guided millions of dollars towards some non-profit groups in his district, The Wall Street Journal says a good portion of that went clandestinely into related campaign contribution organizations. While a Democratic leader said that Rep. Mollohan stepped down with pressure from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, she is quoted as saying
"The allegations against Congressman Mollohan originate from the National Legal and Policy Center, which engages in highly partisan attacks on Democrats. The attacks are an attempt to deflect attention from the long list of Republican criminal investigations, indictments, plea agreements and resignations which have resulted from the reported long-term and extensive criminal enterprise run out of House Republican leadership offices."

Too little, too late. Damage done, wipe a good portion of the slate clean for the GOP. Contrary to some beliefs, I am not a staunch fan of the Democratic party, quite the opposite, it is stunts like this that have forced me to choose the lesser of two evils in all too many elections. I want to believe, I want things to get better. I truly feel the GOP, and the Bush administration are wrong in their platform, wrong in their tactics, and wrong for their deceptions. Yet here we are on the otherside of a very tarnished coin. I truly wish that an Independant party could have a real chance of doing more than just being the spoiler for whomever is the weaker of these monolithic moron parties at the moment.

My question is, can America take on any of it's larger issues in an election without prior multinational corporation influence? Is the dream really just a dream? Wouldn't it be nice if, say the Governor's race in Texas, could be a model for a National venue? One where the weekest link, the Dem's in Texas for example, would just simply step away and let history take it's course? Wishful thinking, I know, but back to my point. The World laughed and screamed when Dick Chaney shot his friend in the face. I am much more taken aback with the accuracy in which the DNC has shot itself in the foot.

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Blogger Steve said...

I'm sorry... I wonder how this country is going to make it if both sides fall to shambles.

Sat Apr 22, 10:41:00 AM 2006  
Blogger p_jordan_sr said...

Well we will still have the top and the bottom I suppose!

Sat Apr 22, 05:17:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Stephanie said...

"Why oh why, can a man on an "ethics comittee" allow himself to be outed like this?"

Perhaps you should be asking yourself, "Why oh why, was this man on the "ethics committee" if his own ethics were so questionable?"

The Dems can make it sound like a partisan attack all they want, but I know from the personal experience of living in the grand state of Wisconsin that the Dems are far from squeaky clean as a matter of party principle.

Mon Apr 24, 02:46:00 AM 2006  
Blogger Luke said...

The World laughed and screamed when Dick Chaney shot his friend in the face. I am much more taken aback with the accuracy in which the DNC has shot itself in the foot.

And you should be. Thankfully this did not get nearly the press that DeLay has gotten, so perhaps, just perhaps, the GOP will still be viewed in this years midterm elections as the sleazy, unethical party. You would think that the DNC would lean hard on it's political seat holders to walk the straight and narrow, to achieve that coveted majority again in the House and Senate.

I am still waiting for a public, national campaign from the DNC, one that would unify Dems, make GOP members run, and help turn the tide of conservativism in America. Sadly, such a Gingrich-esque (circa 1994) doctrine has not been put forth.

Something needs to happen soon, as the races are already starting to heat up in some spots, and this year will be one tough election year.

Mon Apr 24, 03:56:00 PM 2006  

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