Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Allah Says, No Virgins For You Moussaoui!

Victory at last, Victory at last, Great God Almighty, Victory at last! What a spectacular way to punctuate the ending of a less than adequate 'Jihad Martyr'. Al-Qaida conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui on Wednesday, was sentenced to Life in Prison, not the Death Penalty, and I for one can think of no other way to disgrace, humiliate, and dispose of such a despicable character. No martyrdom. No virgins. No glory. Only shame and disgrace as the little engineer that couldn't. There is joy in Muddville tonight!

This disgraceful coward could not even apply his terroristic traits properly, much less beg for the death he so richly deserved in order to get to his reward of virgins, etc., that his extremist views promised him. Quite the opposite, he will go down in history as the one who couldn't, the one who taunted America during his four year trial, and in the end the one who thanked some God, (obviously not Allah) for his salvation in declaring, "America, you lost. I won." He clapped his hands as he was escorted away like a giddy little schoolgirl. He couldn't even hold to his demented view of his faith and express his desire to be a martyr. He has betrayed all, and we absolutely win. He has replaced honor and respect on the Muslim Community by deferring to natural instincts and renouncing his distorted view of the Koran. Short of resurrecting the countless victims he had a hand on, this is at least a poetic justice for now. Watch out for 'Bubba' in jail Zack, I hear he has an affinity for bald guys.

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Blogger an average patriot said...

Hi paul
it is my own contention that mousaoui is just a fall guy. Bush's fall guy.
as I pointed out in my post. Al qaeda work independently even with group actions. Every part of the whole only knows there piece of the operation and not the whole.
It is very likely that moussaoui was more than a wanabe, I would bank onb it. He just got caught too soon.
Bush on the other hand could have prevented 9/11 and chose to ignore early warnings. He could have prevented 9/11. We were looking for something to happen in order to bring the Nation together and the world behind us. We did not expect something so big and horrific as 9/11 though.
Moussoui is taking the heat off bush. It is Bush that should have been held accountable.

Thu May 04, 03:01:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Praguetwin said...

Moussoui is taking the heat off bush. It is Bush that should have been held accountable.

This is a good point AAP.


I think you hit it on the head with this one. Your opinion seems to reflect the general blogger consensous. I was calling him Brer Rabbit. It was obvious the guy was doing everything he could to get executed, and now he gets to live with himself for the rest of his life.

My favorite was over at Crazy Politico's Rantings, someone commented that his analysis (essentially the same as yours) helped him feel better. The commenter was a right-winger that wanted to see him fry.

Now THAT was a jury.

Sat May 06, 04:01:00 PM 2006  
Blogger p_jordan_sr said...

God I love Justice!!!!!!!

Mon May 08, 03:24:00 AM 2006  

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