Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Now The Repubes Want To Be Consulted On Ecological Issues?!?

"What did BP learn last Sunday that it did not know previously that would cause BP to take such precipitous action?" Murkowski asked, noting he was concerned the state was not consulted before the decision was made.

Republican Governor of Alaska, Frank Murkowski, was a little pissy about not having been consulted prior to BP's shutdown of the Prudhoe Bay oil field in his State. While it is obvious that this will cause a great economic strife with certain segments in Alaska, most notably government workers, he actually inferred an indignance about having not been in the loop on BP's decision. And what about a slap on the back to the BP dudes who fessed up and shut this impending disaster down?

This is an equivalent of the Captain of the Exxon Valdeez setting sail a day later because he was drunk, think what that might have saved in terms of not only ecology, but plain old dollars and cents!?

Apparently some critics are charging that for decades, lax government regulation combined with corporate unwillingness to make costly repairs has allowed corrosion and general disrepair to wither away the safety involved.

"I think all the pipelines are in trouble regardless of who operates or who owns them," said Dan Lawn, who previously worked for the Alaska Department of Environment Conservation and is now with the Alaska Forum for Environmental Responsibility, a watchdog group.

So now that Murkowski has an important election on the line, with apparent stiff competition, he wants to throw a torch at BP's approved use of this pipeline overseen by government officials? This is total BS, both from BP and AK.

"We were shocked and disappointed when we saw the results of our inspection," said Scott Dean, spokesman with BP PLC. "Even though we believe we had a very comprehensive and rigorous inspection program, it was clearly not enough."

Just plain pitiful.

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Blogger an average patriot said...

Hi Paul
It figures, if you dig deep enough it boils down to politics as usual. This is my view of the big picture!
Alaska Pipeline allowed to corrode! oil prices skyrocket! This is really why!
As BP shuts down its corroding pipelines in Alaska’s North Slope, some analysts are wondering why the problem wasn’t caught sooner and say that the company’s problems foreshadow a larger mess with the world’s aging oil infrastructure.
“It was almost guaranteed to happen,” said Charles Clusen, director of the Alaska project for the Natural Resources Defense Council. “These companies have not been putting the money into infrastructure up there.”
The action shuts in 400,000 barrels of oil, or 8 percent of U.S. domestic production, at a time when tight supply and surging demand have magnified the effects of geopolitical tensions.…

The government Tuesday raised its forecast for the average price of oil in August by $3 a barrel, citing July’s heat wave and decreased production from the closure of BP’s oilfield in Alaska’s North Slope.
The news caused a bump in oil prices, The energy agency also said things won’t get any better for consumers in the short run.
“Significant relief from the high crude oil and gasoline prices is not likely to occur soon,” the report said. “The current tight market must also cope with strong gasoline demand, which typically reaches its seasonal peak in August, and the traditionally more active months of the hurricane season.”…

I am sick of being lied to and scammed! Now I will explain how and why will scare you!
these oil companies drilling here have no motivation to put money into preventive maintenance.
Quite the opposite in fact! You’ll understand why! More digging for oil will now be supposedly justified! More of you tax dollars will be asked for by oil companies for superstructure updates and to expedite the repairs but you can bet your coast will not go back down!
$5 per gallon at the pump is coming rapidly closer and will be a reality as that is the magic figure needed to make America oil independent!
$5 per gallon at the pump is where the price has to be before it is economically profitable to capture Canadian oil sand and America’s shale oil.…
* America alone has more oil reserves than the entire world combined!
** Think about this too! Maybe that is why Bush is not concerned with destroying the middle east?
*** In the end result, this is why there is no real effort for a viable alternative for oil and Bush once again is merely lying about his efforts, concerns, and desires.
This is just one more of the erroneous facades of concern in Bush’s politics of Deception!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thu Aug 10, 03:35:00 PM 2006  

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