Thursday, December 28, 2006

Groanin' The Blues

"Lord, I'm so tired of moanin', tryin' to groan away my blues...everytime I think of you", Eric Clapton put it best, "I would rather die of starvation, everytime in the desert sun.."

Saddam Hussein held out the last laugh on GW's "geehawd" with his farewell letter to the Iraqis, calling for mercy on 'Poor George's misguided soul’, I can't help but wonder how the Bush aristocracy will respond to the very words of Hussein, exonerating the 'Boy King' himself when Saddam the condemned one said,

"I call on you not to hate, because hate does not leave space for a person to be fair, and it makes you blind and closes all doors of thinking," the letter said.

Perhaps the greatest parry came when 'Saddama bin Laden', er, I meant Saddam Hussein said these piercing words meant as a single strike to 'God's Own Chosen One',

"I say goodbye to you, but I will be with the merciful God who helps those who take refuge in him and who will never disappoint any honest believer."

Wow, strong stuff from a radical "evil-doer". It will always be an enigma for myself and others when history looks back at these times and shakes a sad head at the incredible miscarriage of justice held out by this farce of a regime. But for circumstance, any "greater power" might have criminal war crimes to pass judgement on GWB, Condi, Rummy...depends on a viewpoint and where Johnny Cochran stands at the moment I suppose, just ask O.J., yet I can't help but wonder further, would 'King George' be disposed with such style and grace? We will probably never know, alas. It is not my intent to absolve Saddam of any crimes, only to point out with obvious and unanimous clarity that such crimes were never the point with "Boy George', his only service was to lend a hand to Daddy's failed adventures.

As said by Earth, Wind, and Fire, "That's the way of the world"

Hussein was captured while hiding in a hole in the ground near his home village north of Baghdad in December 2003, eight months after he fled the capital ahead of advancing American troops.

I might offer a bit of advice for future tyrants on the lamb in the future... run rabbit run, and Georgie...tread lightly in your senior years, young man that you are...the future holds an awful lot of time for the world to study, read, learn, and judge your actions as "Dear Leader". Perhaps Kim Il Jong can offer a few points...perhaps not.


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