Saturday, August 12, 2006

NFL Becomes Replacements For Impending Navy Strikers

Giving rise to the recent crticism of the Bush Administration's recent proliferation of the US Military, The NFL joined the War today by implementing a takeover of the struggling US Navy. In an ironic twist to it's own recent strike and the "replacements" used to play in that season, the NFL became in effect, "replacement" players on their own.

When asked what, if any, impact this would have on Al Queida and the "Muslim Fascists" that Boy George are hunting,

LaDanian Tomlison said "This can get their mind off what they do for a little bit," he continued,

"We in the NFL think that using combatants to make political and theatrical statements has long been a forte' of ours, and we just want to straighten Condoleeza and her Jewish friends out on the nuances and profits of signing a really good contract with the usual performance bonus and pay for kill incentives."

Stay tuned to this station for more developments as they happen.

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