Monday, November 24, 2008

Ho, Ho , HO! Happy Rehab America!!!

Ok, so here I sit, unemployed now, car re-possessed, bank account closed, and fresh out of rehab. How is the World treating you these days? Just peachy here (that's one step short of ducky').

Secretary Henry Paulson...(any kin to Pat Paulson,I wonder?...I digress..)...he says I am doing just fine. Hmm...does it sound like I am on the bubble of success? I think more about where I am going to post a resume today than where my next meal comes from, thanks to a COSIG grant that supplies me an ample $25.00 per week for attending 4 intensive outpatient treatments a week, I even have a signed letter from the Psychiatrist that says I am Permanently Disabled. Oh Joy! Maybe I can cash in on the extravagant sum of $627.00 per month like my ex-wife? Happy Days indeed!
Yes indeed, all my Republican errors are now coming back to haunt me, not unlike the ghosts of Christmas' past!

I know, Bush 41 can play "Christmas Past", a joyful chap full of vim and vigor in repositioning us as the World's reigning goose egg. Spreading cheerful excess amongst lobbyist extraordinaire in generous Christmas fashion.

Bush 43, of course, is "Christmas Present", cameoed as a quaint little elf finishing Father Time's work. Spreading 41's prolific ideas of tax wealth and criminal shame...I wonder where he did his rehab?... Teasing the Country with tasty little morsels of "tax relief", while gouging the coffers in the name of "Trickle Down Economics". Trickle down, isn't that a description of the obvious result of a tot's impression after pissing his/her pants?

That brings us to "Christmas Present", surveys show "Deep Discounts", "Falling Prices", and let's not forget "Soaring Bail-outs for the Omnipotent Elite Corporations across America and the World at large. Merry fucking Christmas.

Dear Santa; Please send me a rope sometime, no, not to hang myself, although the idea has occurred, let me have a rope to tie all those selfish, altruistic, omnipotent a-holes in Washington together, and a plane as well to deliver them to N. Korea in a humanitarian aid drop. It might destroy a part of the Axis of Evil, but it might just lend a credible hint of hope for President-elect Obama's chance to lead us to some sort of recovery, kind of like "Rehab for the US", strip us of the bad, and put us on an ample budget of $25.00 per week, just like me...Congress roasting on an open fire,...

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