Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Henny Penny Was Right!!! (or was he Left?)

Caroline, Israel, Bush, Hamas and Blagoya-whateverthe_f, now this is a NewsCycle!! To coin a phrase, "you know?". Actually Ms. Kennedy, no I don't know, otherwise why would I be listening to your skilled oratories? I can see this crew driving us over the edge on January 19, in comes Saint Obama...a day late and a scheckel short.

I have been wondering why I post on ReviewPoint more than here lately, maybe its because when I cue up a really bad new CD, I know what it is I am listening too?! CNN says "all out WAR", as if they get to decide? Nice story on the "Aid" boat bound for Gaza...(hmmm, looks like a War Zone, walks like a War Zone, sounds like a War Zone....must be a Duck?) Puhlease!

Why is it we have this desire to validate The Eagles' Dirty Laundry, over and over, " she can tell 'bout the plane crash, with a gleam in her eye". I can only imagine what the West Texas Wonder is thinking now, 'hey Daddy! Watch this! (oops, was that Iran?..hmmm...missed, oh well) So this guy Blagoyapuke does the deed, announces a Black to replace a Black, Congress says "foul Play" because he refused to take his toys and go home, meanwhile another oppressed hero is born and we don't even know who he is before the cannons of Sainthood are adorned, brilliant move for a Polish guy in the land of Micks, ( I can say that, I am a real life mick myself, so get off my ass about being correct!!..lol)

In walks little Miss Sonshine from New York, wait I thought these guys were from Maine, well actually Daddy Warbucks made his "liquid assets" out of Canada, but I digress. The only real problem I have with Caroline Kennedy actually, is that after years of artful dodging...why the F now? As if this is the Golden Age of Media, seriously? "Excuse me gentlemen and Ladies, but I really want to play in the Big Sandbox, you promise you won't watch?" Now there's a stellar performance in judgment. Listen folks, Camelot burned a long time ago, and there is no pulling of a Sword in the foreseeable future, unless you count the sword in the Suicide King's hand as Little George plunges it in deep just before the 20th...
"The End Is Near"
Can someone please speed things along? (No, Israel, not you...Oi Vay!, kids!!)

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