Sunday, February 26, 2006

No Pass, No Play

Before you hang up and go about your day, this piece is on President Bush's radio address Sunday Feb.25. And, well, his education agenda, and Medicare Plan Dud, and past promises, and well to be truthful, how 53 % of a truth, is a lie.
A little background. GW was elected Governor of Texas in 1994 when he beat Ann Richards, the incumbent and oh so eloquent orator ("Poor George...), primarily by high-jacking her education program and making it a cornerstone of his own agenda. Which by the way happened when a whole herd of Texans (myself included), migrated from Democratic pastures to seemingly greener Republican ones. "Wayne Slater, of the Dallas Morning News."
Moving forward, Poor George II was heralded as the "Education Governor", in a State that actuated the first laws in the Nation of "No pass, no play". This stated that in order for a public school student to participate in extra-curricular activities, they have to have a passing grade, period, no exceptions, no excuses. Which brings to Sunday's radio address.
" More than 25 million people with Medicare now have prescription drug coverage, and hundreds of thousands more are enrolling each week."
I read this on the wires and thought to myself, hmm, how many people are in the Medicare program? I wonder what percentage 25 million is? (I just love research, cause it can make even a hick like me look smart!) Wanna know what I found? As of 2003 statistics published, there were just over 42 million US citizens enrolled in Medicare, and with a trend of 1.5 million more enrollees per year, +/-, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of probably 47 million today. That boils down GW's boast of 25 million to about 53% of all enrollees. Fifty three percent. A solid "F" by Texas, and as far as I know, all standards. Now as far as an approval rating, that percentage might look pretty good to George et al, but as a participation rate for Plan D, well, it even falls short of a "D". No Pass, No Play. Game over, time out, no advancement, repeat 9th Grade. (somewhere about the time where he should have learned this simple math) When Governor of Texas, George W Bush pushed heavily in education his banner program of "No Child Left Behind" Mr President, should we really be pleased and optimistic about 47 out of every 100 people enrolled in Medicare being left behind when it comes to prescription drug coverage?