Friday, March 03, 2006

A Politician in every Port

You heard me right, not "a chicken in every pot", rather "a Politician in every port!" Brilliant!!
Follow along now. I have been browsing the rants, both red and blue today, and a common thread comes through on an alarmingly large scale. The powers to be are bad and corrupt and they have to go. Or, we're not happy with the established leaders, but what to do with them?

Enter Rocky. This is more than brilliant, it could actually work! Ok, so there was a house in Mo. for sale, and the headlines read,

"Dog Is Included in Sale of House
From Associated Press
March 03, 2006 4:57 PM EST "

So it set me to thinking. Go ahead and sell all the damn Ports to Dubai, and include a favorite politician in every sale!! Yeah, Bush could be included with Houston, the place smells bad enough as it is on the waterfront there, nobody should mind. Chertoff would naturally go with New Orleans, he can finish looking for dead bodies and dredge his Port all at the same time! Wait, and Hillary would have to go with New Jersey, sorry... she just doesn't quite rate New York yet. Teddy will naturally be included with Boston, I know he's a Democrat, but geese, the guy ain't never gonna go away on his own, and 44 years is enough !
Cheney now, that's a tough one,hmmmm. I know, he can go with the sale of Bush's Ranch! ( I know it's not a Port, but Poor George II ain't gonna need it, and who said Dick deserved the status of a real Port anyway?)

Now, moving on, Rumsfeld and all his cronies can collectively go with Los Angeles, it's fairly large and conveniently located near Hollywood in case any of them wants a job.( Bio-line: "I'm not a real politician, but I played one on TV") Where does that leave us, oh yes, New York, New York. Un-questionably Donald Trump, who is currently being courted in a draft attempt by Ross Perot's third Party that would lead to an un precedented landslide Republican victory of epic proportions, even if Jeb ran.

Of course in keeping with the traditions of Rocky's deal

"The realtor says she's never seen a contract like it: "Rocky was in black and white under personal property to stay."

The former owner has visitation rights whenever he wants to see the pooch."

We could all still visit these wonderful places and continue to kick the dogs included in the sale.

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