Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bush Ignores US and International Law; Writes His Own Law To Cover

If the shoe don't fit, make a new one. Right? Once again, (how tired are we of that phrase?) Mr. President, George W. Bush, The "W", His Majessssty the Boy King (note the snake hiss in Majesty), Poppa George's extended terms, The Great Decider, has decided it is time to write a new law. When the current laws don't avail, why not dip the ol' stick in the ink and create? Hell, I would if I could damn it! Seems that Boy George (yeah, I think I like that moniker) has come up with a solution to his problems at Gitmo! His good ol' boys in the House Armed Services Committee seem to have come to his rescue just in time to help deal with Saddama bin Laden and Pakistan!

Siding with the White House, top Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee said Wednesday they favor writing into law the special military trials for suspected terrorists that the Supreme Court rejected.

Bush administration officials urged Congress to pass legislation that would authorize President Bush's plan to try detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in military tribunals. The high court last month said that system violated U.S. and international law.

To hell with U.S. and International laws!! Don't these fools know that this is the Boy George speaking?!?!?!? Can't they tell by the liberal use of misspelled adverbs and mythical adjectives that his Majessssty has the floor?!?!? The very nerve of these pompous appointed Supremes! Where the heck is Diana when you need her anyway??!! I am getting damn sick and tired of coddling these supposed terrorizimers at Gitmo, damn them and damn the many funny speaking foreign lands they come from, don't they realize that Guantanamo is sovereign US soil, and we speaks Amuricaan in Amurikka!!

The White House said Wednesday it was voiding elements of a 2002 executive order signed by the president that said the Geneva Conventions would not apply to al-Qaida or Taliban prisoners.

"Obviously, parts of it will no longer apply in light of our commitment to comply with the court's decision," said a White House spokeswoman, Dana Perino.

At the House hearing, a senior Pentagon official appealed for congressional approval of the military tribunals, known as commissions.

Daniel Dell'Orto, principal deputy general counsel at the Defense Department, said courts-martial would expose classified information, hinder interrogations and require granting other rights to suspected terrorists.

To hell with that!!!! We are not about to grant rights to suspects!!!! Hell! They're suspects!! That makes 'em guilty as sin, right!?!?? Gaul darn turban wearin', furin speaking anti Christ bastards!!! Death to Saddama bin Laden, and doom and destruction to Irakistan!!! Whose side are those peacenik, court sittin' bastards on any ways?

Well, for what I can tell, Boy George is not going to stand for a repudiation of American Sovereignty over those pesky detainees ( prey tell, after some number of years, when does detained change to imprisoned?) Rumor from Boy George's entourage, T Snow, his Majessssty is expected to discuss the matter with Germany's Chancellor on his visit...."excuse me, but you guys seem to have a good grip on this whole Saddama bin Laden thingy, whaddya think about me just killin' 'em all and we let God sort it out?"

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