Friday, March 24, 2006

Lip Service

I've run across this twice today. People, both "Men" and "Organizations", who don't really do anything...but talk an awful lot about getting something done. Did I miss something?

It's kinda like the old "they said", who?, you know..."they", "them", "those guys". Only this isn't a comedy sketch (not yet, anyhow). I was just looking at a John Edwards thing online, remember him? The #2 that never was? Yep, that John Edwards, the second best of no one the Dem's had to offer. It was a nice article titled: "Edwards Revives Talk of Rich-Poor Divide", By EMERY P. DALESIO (Associated Press Writer), and he was right, it was about exactly that, "Talk". It seems that The University of North Carolina law school has espoused Edwards to stump on their time and on their dime as the head of the "Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity"

Since it was announced in February 2005, the center has held "discussions," "conversations," even a "summit" about poverty and related issues. A two-day conference on "Challenging the Two Americas: New Policies to Fight Poverty" began Thursday.

When is the center going to stop talking about poverty and do something about it?

Edwards actually says that "policy pushes" are not on the agenda, rather

"our primary purpose is not advocacy. That could shift. But right now it's more (discussing) causes and solutions."

Yep folks, we don't get paid to do anything here, we just get paid to talk about it, just like in 'Real Congress'. Cool, huh? 'I'm not a real Senator (anymore), but I play one at College'?

The center's work "is more academic in nature," Edwards said. "Which is what we wanted and what you would expect at an academic institution. The result of that is that, in some cases, there is more depth on the subjects we discuss than you often see in other kinds of policy conferences."

Edwards holds the title of "alumni distinguished professor at the law school" under a two-year contract, and is paid $40,000 a year. He made millions as a trial lawyer before running for the Senate in 1998, and also recieves pay for speeches and consults for a New York investment firm. Now other than stumping on the two class thesis for a 2008 run, I'm not sure where "Lord Edwards " fits into the real "Rich vs. Poor" scheme of things, other than that he represents the rich side, and is paid for "Lip Service" by a prestigious southern University. No real work, which is precisely what anyone who would be truly fighting to get out of poverty would be doing. Oh yes, I almost forgot, he told "a group of about 100 Americans living in India that Democrats will win the next presidential elections." In India? Was he there for summer camp? I fail to see that connection, but then again I don't get paid for lip service. ( I do it for free)

Edwards claims that poverty is something he is dedicated to fight, "regardless of any political ambitions."

"I've talked about it throughout my political career, and will continue to fight for it and talk about it whether I'm involved in politics or not,"

Here we go with the "talk" word again. Do the Democrats really not understand that "talk is cheap". Have we not had Poor George II to teach us that? Or is this simply a John Edwards thing? I don't know, but in either case, I think it is safe to say, for the moment and for "conversation's sake", "Lip Service", even on an academic level, is not going to get the Dem's any closer than last time. The "Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity". Well, he got the "Opportunity", but I fail to see the "Work". Maybe that's where the "Poverty" comes in?

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