Friday, August 25, 2006

Hitler and Religion

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Sometimes you just have to listen to your colleagues, sit back a moment, and then quietly respond. Thankfully my scheduled feature falls here on this Saturday, so as not to create too big a storm? Oh, what the hell, f' em!

The true beauty of this blog we call "BIO" here, is that it truly leaves us room to be whomever we are. Yes, we lean left in general, but what the hell, they let me sneak in! I was reading two posts today that struck a chord with me, Bush is Hitler, Republicans Are Nazis by Tom Baker, and Atheist by jerseymcjones

Now, in and of themselves, Tom and Jersey have very valid premises for their respective points of view, and judging by the number of comments received on both posts, they definitely hit home with some readers here in number. I simply beg to differ a little, and offer a slightly different perspective for our shared readers? That is the meat and potatoes of what I love about "BIO", variety and a chance for true discussion of the day's points.

For those newer readers who really want to follow along, refer to a couple of my older posts to discover who I am, and for our more crusty hard core following, well, refresh your memories. I have posts on Hitler, Religion, Political Persuasion, and General Nonsense to peruse.

In Tom's post, he speaks of alienating the perspective Republican vote converts with such language as Nazi's and Bush/Hitler referrals. While I can see his point of view, appreciate his sensitivity to the somewhat logically challenged brethren of the fold from which I originated, I dare say...Bull Shit! That, for those who may be lacking in interpretative skills, is Texan for the English equivalent of "Poppycock", or more literally translated as let the bastards roast in hell and get a life of their own!

I will not, nor have not, coddle some putrid, smug, silver spoons into thinking that GWB et al are anything less than they are; fascist, proven wartime Nazi supporters (see George Herbert Walker's 1930's and 1940's banking CEO record**try Wikipedia "how WW2 was financed", or "how the Bush Fortune came about"**) I for one was, how do we put this delicately? Woke the fuck up?! Simply by opening my eyes to the truth, as ugly as it was, I am a former fascist supporter, and it is that clarity of former fate that drives me forward to new good. While some of my former cell mates might find a repugnance in those references, I for one will never forget the shame, nor will I let any other so called "Born Again American" do so in my presence. We screwed up as young Republicans, we own our shame, and we stand up and fight for a difference. Plain and simple. Thanks for the absolution Tom, but it is ill-deserved, and un-earned.

Moving on to an "Atheist's" statement.

Jersey, Dude, love ya man, but I gotta say a few things for my own peace..ok brother? I grew up the son of a Preacher, and if you did as instructed folks, and read the pre-requisites listed above, you would know that my Father is also Gay. Paradox, eh? There's the beauty, let one man's organized religion be another's organized crime. I do not believe that I will go to "hell" if I do not go to church. I am not really sure if any church deserves acknowledgement. What I do believe is that to frivolously think that "It all ends in a slow ride in the back of a hearse" (Brooks and Dunn), is just a little too simple for me.

I think that all of those who abhor "Organized Religion" should unite and attack! Burn, pillage, ransack! But I will go on record as a former fascist, a believer in men., a scientifically educated person, that to attack "religion" with lines such as "Religion makes us unhappy with who we are." might be just a bit too narrow in focus. Perhaps a better stated thought would have been "Catholicism and organized religious beliefs make us unhappy with who we are"? I don't know for sure, but in simple terms, it is still all an interpretive set of thoughts meant to help one another cope, and it still beats Prozac.

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