Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A very real view from the trenches.

Sometimes the present is 'lost', and it is all about the future.

Ever feel that? I do all the time, from consequences of past decisions, to products of today's efforts. Some people call them regrets (lamely), others call them lessons learned, and still more think of the impending 'doom'. Take me for example. I am blind in one eye from a vienous occlussion, (fancy name for a stroke in my eye), and am just now getting "floaters" in my right eye, (not good, clock is ticking fast now). This caused mostly by my ill spent youth and the resulting blood pressure problem. My life, my results, my problems, right? Right.

Enter L.P., "Little Paul", my son, my pride, my salvation from my own stupid decisions in life, etc., sound familiar? A legacy, one to carry on the good, no, the better fight. LP's dream at 15 now is to follow through with his love of JROTC, and further his education, become the 2nd Lt. at graduation, and crawl out of the hole that we as a family have slid into. To better himself, and his family. Noble goal, huh? I mean picture this, a year ago he wore all black clothes, had long hair and a ski cap, beanie thing, (in Florida I might add!). He had tried drugs at 12, turned them down, been an anarchist at 13, quit school, rejoined, and Bam! He is a non drug using, cool, calm, very neat kid at 15, only he wants to join the Army. I should be proud, right? I am, but why do I have a sinking pit in my stomach that my baby is going to get all screwed up and over, while following a very cool dream? This kid does the Rifle Squad, Drill Team, Color Guard, Raider's Competition, all the cool stuff, and all I can feel is an impending doom. I need some help from you all here.

We spend countless hours perusing the wires, news, etc., looking for that one big story to pounce on. I have that one Big Story for you right here. One that you can actually make a difference in. One that you can improve upon.


Do not leave LP hanging out to dry.

We can write off the present to corrupt politicians, we can excuse military attrocities as being under "Executive Order", we can forgive ourselves and pray for the combatants, but we can't turn the Queen Mary on a dime. But we can help LP, and every other single young American with a simple dream of achieving a better future, while achieving a better present.

We can stop sending the War Mongers into the halls of power. We can set up a scene in the next 3 years whereby, LP and his friends have a chance. A scene where real decisions made by real people with real concerns can govern. It is not a dream, it is not a fantasy to be toyed with. It is our Legacy.

In the coming months, elections are going to take root and procede, setting up a precedent for what we will, and will not accept as our future. Dear God, or no God for my athiest friends, please do some lobbying, voting pushing, telling, anything.

Just Do.

Our future, and all of our 'Legacies' are counting on us all.

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