Tuesday, May 04, 2010

What's in a Profile?

So what exactly is in a profile anyway? Likes, dislikes, favorite coffee, brand of beer? Hmmm, a little of all and more I suppose, but it is very much more fluid than it suggests. Take mine for example, the one over there on the side there with the cute little dog, true as it was at the time, it is drastically different now. For starters, the little dog is now gone, no not dead, just lives with mom, who doesn't live with me anymore...see, there's another change! Yep, gone is the son, the little trailer in Florida, the "Palace". Things never seem to stay the same in life, but that's not necessarily a bad thing I suppose. A wise man once said "The only constant in this world is change".

So that brings me around to this post, and why I'm starting up again at all. Change, I seem to thrive on it much more than some. I'm in Galveston, Texas now, that's a change back to the seaside for me and that's a good thing. My son is in college, going to be a chef like his dad, that's a change that somehow seems eerily similar to my own path, and it is a good one as well, hell now can cook his own food and eat himself out of house and home, LOL! I can deal with that for sure. The wife? Well she got tired of staying home sick, so she got well and moved on, and well, that's not a bad thing for either one of us I suppose. I've been cooking up a storm professionally as of late, both in the kitchen and in the press, actually got a full page article printed a few months back that is kinda flattering if do say so myself. At the moment, I am gainfully unemployed again, and as much as I miss the check, I do not miss the stress of running one of the largest kitchens on the Gulf Coast!

My views? Well, they change all the time, I actually voted for Obama this time around, but mostly because of the lack of alternatives! I am, and always will remain an individual, neither left on all, nor right as well. The one thing that hasn't changed is my sense of responsibility to my own mind. (was that code for "I'm a self centered bastard?", hmmm...I digress..) Anyway, I've time on my hands again and a good read on life today, so here I am again to put my nose where it does and doesn't belong, hopefully with a wit you will enjoy. That's all for now I guess, other than to say, I really don't miss my wife, but Damn I miss that dog.