Saturday, August 12, 2006

Boris And Priest Maxi

Boris Karloff is seen here defending South Park's Priest Maxi in a news conference called to defend the Priest's involvement in the recent charade of terrorist hoaxes staged in order to boost Republican sentiments in the up-coming mid term elections.

Both Boris and Maxi deny having any influence in the timing, or related handling of the England to US air flights' alleged terrorist plots, though both did comment that Bush and Blair always fly in private jets, out of touch with, and away from the realities of travel that the rest of the free world faces today.

The press conference was called when Attorney General Priest Maxi made this statement in defense of President Bush's recent decision to support Israel in destroying the Middle East in its entirety.

"God needs complex irony, and subtle farcical twists that seem macabre to you and me. All that we can hope for is that God got his good laugh, and a tragedy such as this will never happen again."

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NFL Becomes Replacements For Impending Navy Strikers

Giving rise to the recent crticism of the Bush Administration's recent proliferation of the US Military, The NFL joined the War today by implementing a takeover of the struggling US Navy. In an ironic twist to it's own recent strike and the "replacements" used to play in that season, the NFL became in effect, "replacement" players on their own.

When asked what, if any, impact this would have on Al Queida and the "Muslim Fascists" that Boy George are hunting,

LaDanian Tomlison said "This can get their mind off what they do for a little bit," he continued,

"We in the NFL think that using combatants to make political and theatrical statements has long been a forte' of ours, and we just want to straighten Condoleeza and her Jewish friends out on the nuances and profits of signing a really good contract with the usual performance bonus and pay for kill incentives."

Stay tuned to this station for more developments as they happen.

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