Friday, May 12, 2006

On A Vote Of 396-31

And the little weasel still balks! What balls this guy has, the House votes, and the Decider decides, where did Democracy fail? I know he defied the popular vote in getting to the White House, but at some point the overwhelming voice of the people takes precedence, right?

The House passed a Defense Bill of $512.9 billion dollars on Thursday, and the Great Whiners of Pennsylvania Avenue want to say nay? I think the people have spoken your honor, please tell the defendant to sit down and quit disrupting the procedings! The bill includes a 2.7% pay raise that Poor George the 2nd says is too steep, a raise that probably won't even keep abreast of this administration's ever rising price of gas.

Another frivolous expenditure is the keeping of our fleet of 12 aircraft carriers, you know, the ones we never see on CNN everytime Georgy Boy throws a temper tantrum at some 'evil-doer' who threatens to take his toys and go home. Lord knows we can certainly do without them right now with the only potential new rift we have being in Iran. Heck, we can just nuke those bastards, who needs carriers?

Oh, and my 'fav' is the threat to veto the bill if the Pentagon suppliers are called upon to buy American! That certainly makes sense, why depend upon quality, safe and secure American defense products, when we are cheating ourselves out of perfectly good French components, we all know how well they have always shown their best capabilities of defending themselves from, well, er, uh, droughts in the vinyards? There is also seemingly a vast amount of used Russian products out there for cheap, ask Iran.

And Lord knows that the House called for "jamming devices" to act as counter measures to the ever popular roadside bombs in Iraq, are well, downright wasteful. Have these folks got a freaking clue? I really don't know quite how to respond to this. 396-31 you omnipotent exaulted bastard! Game, Set, Match. Over. You lose! America wins, don't you get it, or do you even try anymore, Dear Mr. President.

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