Sunday, May 07, 2006

Could this be our "Muslim Final Solution"? A Week In Preview: A Future In Doubt.

I'm not sure as I type this out tonight that May 8, 2006 will be a whole lot different than any other Monday. What I am sure of is that the Week of May 8, 2006 has the potential to change our lives forever. As we roll out this week, President Bush is about to make what could easily amount to his most crucial decision since taking office.

Events since 2000, when GW Bush took office, have unfolded in an array of very difficult, and difficult to understand manners. September 11th being just one of a multitude of infamous dates to bear down upon his administration, or to bolster it as well, depending upon which ledger you look at. I have often said that I voted for GW for President because I saw him construct a more than adequate bi-partisan government in Texas while he was Governor. I also make no bones about the fact that I gave my vote to Ross Perot instead of GHW Bush, rather than to herald in an experienced spook, and outspoken warmonger. Boy did I screw up. Welcome to the continuing third term of George Herbert Walker Bush complete with his entire supporting cast.

GW's impending nomination of a John Negroponte requested, and Rumsfeld approved, military officer to lead The Citizen's Intelligence Agency is not only absurd, it borders upon catastrophic and criminal at the least. At the most? This could be an almost irreversible decline in the little bit of world respect this nation has left. Enter the new SS. The CIA, correctly known as the Central Intelligence Agency, was in fact, formed and intended to be a citizen run, as opposed to military, intelligence agency. So much the fact that Congress even passed a law stating that if either of the top positions in that agency were filled with a military officer, then the other was mandated by law to be filled from the private sector. The current Assistant Director of the CIA is a military officer.

Conspiracy theorists abound today, and while I find some of their musings to be interesting in much the same way one might find Nostradamus intriguing, I am not one. I fancy myself more as a Comparison Theorist, after all, what good is history if we do not seek it out, look, learn, and listen to its teachings?

Fatal flaws in Hitler's regime occurred from the very moment that the lines between military and government officials were blurred. Power is a funny bed fellow, it neither builds nor fails without an infrastructure to nourish it, to acknowledge it. Framers of our government saw this early on, and embedded the very body and soul of their convictions in our Constitution at the onset.

General Hayden may well be one of the most noted and respected Intelligence Commanders of this day, but his knowledge, let alone respect for the Fourth amendment alone has already been clearly and plainly documented as incomplete at best. General Hayden stepped forth as the only scapegoat to answer questions at hearings investigating the NSA's and the Bush administration's use of alleged illegal wiretapping. He stood there with the conviction of a Baptist Revivalist and said that the Fourth amendment contained no wording in regards to probable cause. I won't bore you with a quote, but needless to say he was, in fact, wrong. This man led and crafted an agency at the NSA that either denied the credibility of the Constitutional immanent or just plain had their own set of rules with which to supersede.

In the Third Reich, Goering was the Intelligence Communication Specialist, made Air Force General, and served Hitler until the end exacting out the "Jewish Final Solution." Airforce General Hayden has made a career of Intelligence Communication and is said to be the premier specialist. Goering went to the gallows claiming patriotism and a simple 'Duty of an Officer' as his defense.

What then will General Hayden's or any other military commander in a civilian governments role be when this all comes to bear in our up and coming "Muslim Final Solution"?
"I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of their way and let them have it."
-- Dwight Eisenhower

The days and weeks ahead can hold promise or despair -- it is exactly as Ike put it; we will promote peace as a people, eventually, and if government does not get out of our way to do so, them it is up to us, at the polls, with absolute conviction to hold them accountable.

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