Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hastert And Others Run To The Aid Of Scumbag

A corrupt Democrat's best friend is naturally....a Republican! Go figure, as I pointed out the other day in my post "Louisiana's Jefferson, A Repeat Offender", this is not the first time that Rep. Jefferson has come across our sights as a general all around scumbag with power. This man is point blank, in the crosshairs of this fraud scandal, previously accused of abusing his powers of office during Katrina to the expense of people's lives and safety, and the only story that can seem to filter up through the muck of the quagmire called main stream media is that of high powered Congressional leaders speaking of the "outrage" of another branch of the Government investigating them?

This is priceless, leaders from both sides of the isle, the House and the Senate, are pointing to this with the oh too familiar battle cry of late "Abuse of Executive Powers!!" I'm sorry, just exactly who was supposed to look into this matter, The Library of Congress Police Force? All 131 of them, but wouldn't that seem excessive? I mean what with their intimidating interrogation tactics using metal detectors, standards of behavior enforcement, dreaded open-bag searches and the almost in-humane thought of video surveillance in the reading rooms, shudder to think.

"My opinion is that they took the wrong path," Hastert, R-Ill., told reporters after meeting with Bush in the White House. "They need to back up, and we need to go from there."

"We are hoping that there's a way to balance the constitutional concerns of the House of Representatives with the law enforcement obligations of the executive branch," said White House press secretary Tony Snow. "Obviously we are taking note of Speaker Hastert's statements."

What in the world are they thinking here? The man stands accused of a crime, a fraudulent crime while serving in one of the most powerful committees while holding Public office, and we need who to hold the FBI's hand in order to ferret out the truth after month's of stonewalling a subpoena? The fact that he is a member of the Black Caucus, the fact that he is on the Ways and Means Committee, the fact that he is a Democrat; these should lend even more import to his accountability in order to preserve the integrity of those memberships. Since when did Congress rise above all in answering questions as to their actions, especially actions on government time? And we need permission from exactly who, other than We The People, to see what is rotten and smells under the stairs?

One of the most disturbing aspects of this story is how some Democrats are handling it. Top Democrats are actually standing beside their Republican colleagues.

"No member is above the law, but the institution has a right to protect itself against the executive department going into our offices," said House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland.

It is the kind of stuff that makes me want to throw up. This sort of behavior steals what little hope of change in this land I can seem to muster in times like these. This is a clear indication of our desperate need for opposition voices to rise, even out of obscure parties, just to rise from somewhere before all hope is lost. One small voice did come from out of the haze of seemingly bi-partisan dung-burning,

"When people commit crimes, they should be prosecuted, whether that person is a member of Congress or driving a cab or a lawyer some place," said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. "From the little bit that I know about it now, I'm not going to beat up on the FBI."

Jefferson is quoted as saying "I will not give up a committee assignment that is so vital to New Orleans at this crucial time for any uncertain, long-term political strategy, if asked, I would respectfully decline." As if to say that your post-Katrina antics show that you have any real concern for New Orleans. Now is the time sir, to show some courage, accept a little humility and walk away, just walk away and let what little good you did in your service remain intact, as well as to leave what little respect the Democratic Party has in less than one million pieces. Walk away.