Monday, August 14, 2006

Simply A Matter Of Convenience

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OK, so I will say it here in my feature, loud and proud, no mincing words today. How convenient is this recent rash of "Terroristic Almost Strikes" and the US response in terms of Republican and Democrat benefit? Yes Virginia, I am eluding to a conspiracy, they happen all the time on today's International and political fronts, so why not this one? All I simply want to do is raise the reader consciousness on this a level or two. Let's review, shall we?

1.0 Israel grows nuts and invades Lebanon in clear violation of all UN and above table US restrictions.
2.0 Bush, Condy et al refuse to admonish the Israelis for a blatant violation of protocol.
3.0 Israel offers a lame story whereas Hamas supposedly tunnels the length of the Brooklyn Bridge in order to kidnap a lowly, yes lonely, Israeli soldier? This tunnel dug in a sandy almost impossibly unstable geological region for tunnels?
4.0 The Neocons exclaim holy war on those who would assault them (sound eerily familiar to those now known as "Islamic Fascists"? (just asking)
5.o Enter Britain in support, a terrorist plot previously "unknown" is discovered and Great Britain rises to the occasion with CIA support and foils said plot, and restrictions and inconveniences are put in place. Please make note that prior to the arrest of 29 and a major News release in support of, NO TRAVEL ISSUES were effected, yet we "knew about this for some time, and were in an ongoing investigation."?
4.9 Oh, and skip back to a second before said foiled terror strikes, to the defeat of "Republican Lite" Joe Lieberman, based primarily on the Lamont's campaign against Uncle Joe's bed manners with the Neocons and the warmongers of the Bush regime.
5.1 Enter stage left, Chertoff and his evil mignon Alberto "what's his name", and a series of lame explanations, condemnations, if not excuses for the recent set of events involving US Intelligence, ugh! (what an oxymoron!)

OK kiddies, did you know for example that "Homeland Security" has an arm called the Science and Technology Directorate, that is responsible for such things as the needed technology to detect bombs like those supposed liquid bombs that threatened the US and British passengers? And did you know that Bush wanted the anti-bomb funds, given to this Directorate, removed???!!!

The Bush administration, even as these alleged terror plots involving liquid bombs were being hatched, unsuccessfully, thanks to a bi-partisan fart of sanity, tried to literally steal 6 million dollars away from the S&T arm of "Homeland Security". Rep. Martin Sabo, D-Minn, was one of those who joined with Republicans to block the administrations recent attempted diversion of explosives detection money. He is on record as having said research and development is crucial to thwarting future attacks and that a bi-partisan fellowship agree Homeland Security has fallen short. Ya think?

Maybe Boy George don't need no stinking' research and development? Maybe Boy George gets his intelligence from a "higher source"?

Oh, and did I say that Japan gave us the technology as well as working liquid bomb detection devices that they have already deployed in their own airports? I mean, I for one, wholly understand, that given the barbaric and technologically backwards state of this rogue nation Japan, we should certainly allocate tons of money to research and substantiate the inner workings of any device provided by them to us, after all, it could be a Samurai plot of revenge! Puhleeease!!

Why is it that because they said it is so, we absolutely believe? Why is it, that because there are three initials, pick three!, in front of a report, that we act as lemmings and head to the cliff? Where is it written that because CNN reported it from the "insert name here" administration, it just has to be fact?!?!? Does anyone not follow the breadcrumbs anymore? Because to tell you the truth, I have been looking at a bunch of bread crumbs lately, and the only thing I can state for sure is that they are definitely unleavened. (if that just went over your head, than I have just wasted both of our's time)

So I asked the question up top, don't you think that all of this, just before the midterm elections in the most powerful nation (richest) in the world, is all but just a little too convenient to bring war, terror, death, doom and despair back into the voter's minds? Are we really ready to continue being hearded over the cliff like so many rodents? I for one think it is high time we turn our collective political thoughts inward, inward to what it is that will help us survive and recover from the nightmare of the last 45 years.

They killed Kennedy you know, is anyone ever going to notice?

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