Friday, January 26, 2007

After The Storm

What would actually happen if we got back to living our own lives? I mean, if all were still the same as far as the powers that be were concerned, but we actually got back to living our lives as participants instead of viewers? I often wonder about my time spent in pursuit of greater worldly causes, and of the time that actually denies me of in fact doing anything about "greater worldly causes"?

I'm no sage, but I have lived a couple of years, and it occurs to me that sometimes just doing our own little micro-cosmic thing can actually bloom out into a whole network of microcosms that actually achieve something.

The Hippies had it in the 60's, they spread some very definite messages about peace, individuality and pluralism, good and evil. Simply take a look at communes, free love, John Lennon, Ohio and Vietnam. The Yuppies had it in the 80's, they spread some definite inroads on capitalism, New Age and Punk, social intolerance, stocks and dot coms.

What is it then, that the 00's are going to tag as legacies? Afghanistan as a new Vietnam? Iraq as a large scale and extended version of the Watts Riots? Will GW hire the Dream Team to get him off at his impeachment trial, will Billy Graham sing out from the Pulpit " I have sinned!"?

Me? I plan to go out with the wife tonight, tip back a few, chat with some folks and enjoy the weekend, and when it all comes to bear, I will speak my mind. That is what I do, speak my mind, because it is my simple way of invoking thought. I hope to invoke a few thoughts this week on the failed War, the failed Presidency, the fallacy of the representation of the people, by the people.

I know my place, I am not part of the Deciders, yet I plan to talk and influence my little microcosm of deciders into how things will unfold in 2008. It is never to early, the time is now to set the stage, what will you do between now and a very fateful November? Have you thought about it?