Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fuzzy Math Part Duex!!!

It seems as if the Whitehouse accountants are at it again, by their math, companies like Exxon-Mobil and Microsoft are qualified as "Small Business" representatives, and are now joined by The AP and others...

Other media companies cited as small businesses included The New York Times Co., USA Today International Corp., Bloomberg L.P. and the Public Broadcasting Service, according to data the administration gave congressional investigators.

The AP recieved three Small Business contracts for over $31,000, seems like "Fuzzy Math" is at it again!

"Since we do not categorize The New York Times as a small business, clearly this was an error," Times spokeswoman Abbe Serphos said of two General Services Administration contracts totaling $10,875 that the government reported as small business contracts.

The Times' parent company also publishes The Boston Globe, International Herald Tribune and 15 other daily newspapers. It reported $3.4 billion in revenue in 2005 and has about 12,500 employees.

What a disgracefully inept joke is this administration!!!

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A Terrorist Is But Another Man's Freedom Fighter, Which One Am I?

Tom Harper's post settled it for me. I had a hard time coming to terms with my idea for today's feature, yet after coming home from today's double shift and reading Tom's feature from Monday, I had little else but resolve on the matter. Everyday when I walk home, I am greeted by my neighbor John, usually in a comical manner such as "Hey you subversive!", or "Welcome home verbal aggressor!", and yesterday it was a quip that struck a note, "What's new Cyber Terrorist!" John says all of these completely in jest, in fact he is one of my greatest blog fans, and quite a sharp mind on today's political outlook as well, I have gotten more than a few leads and ideas from him. He qualified his quip with a follow up on how one army sees a terrorist, where the other celebrates a freedom fighter, and I began to reflect.

We type here daily about the deeds, misdeeds, news, foibles and general happenings of our society. As of late, those rants and musings have taken a turn to war, Israel, Hezbollah, death, justice, and questions on moralities of right and wrong on a grand scale. To what end? What is it to me, here in Florida, whether or not Israel blows up Lebanon? Why should I care that 3700 combat veterans promised home leave were redirected to Baghdad and the front lines for a new tour instead? What stake do I have in this latest turn of the eternal Holy Wars in the Holy Lands? I am a Terrorist.

I want to reign terror in the hearts of decision makers everywhere that their bloody hands will not come clean. I want to remind my American compatriots that We The People still exist. I want The Dogs of War to know I have visited with other dogs, and Goofy and Pluto are pissed! Okay, so a little humor ill placed, yet my resolve is steadfast, God gave us hands, and Al Gore invented the Internet, so we might as well put two and two together. I myself feel an obligation to speak out. Quana was wrong. Baghdad was wrong. Iraq is wrong. Bush is wrong. Blair is wrong. We have a stewardship, not an ownership obligation to the world. We have been assigned as today's inhabitants of this earth to take care of things, and each other as well.

I can already here the Neocons snickering "silly liberal hippie, commie pinko....", I can even here a few of my more complacent Liberal brethren shunning "oooh, I think he is going a little too far today!" As far as I am concerned, there is no distance grand enough to understate my intent to piss people off today. We are doing all the wrong things in all the wrong places, and we have no right! We have to stop jumping off the cliff like lemmings and electing the same old corrupt, graft politicians. We have to stop sitting on our hands and covering our mouths, men and women are dying out there in our names, and we can't take the time to even irritate someone over it? I pray for a DOJ hit on my counter, I still remember the first time I got 6 Pentagon hits on my website in one hour after airing my anti-war video, "American Excess", for the first time. I got a real charge out of that, loved the impact and the message I sent.

This was not the first time in Quana, Israel slaughtered innocents here in 1996, be careful if you click the link, it is disgustingly graphic.
Who is it among us who says since "Israel" is our ally, we can't point out the wrongs? Please make note of the quotation marks around Israel in the previous use. I do not know this "Israel", I do not recognize this "friend". So because I cast a stone at an armed aggressor, I am a Terrorist. Anyone know what the first true use of the term "Neocon" reffered to? Yep, extremist Jewish leadership and supporters. I do not support, yea I abhor Hezbollah, yet I am supposed to embrace the Neocons in all their glory?

I am supposed to support Bush and Blair in all their collective apathy? Turn a blind eye to Putin? Laugh at the realities of Iran and Syria? Oh yes my friend, I am a terrorist indeed, unless you are on the side of sanity, peace, unity, sovereignty, change, growth, love and honor... to those folks I am a Freedom Fighter with a keyboard.

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