Friday, April 28, 2006

Liars Cut And Run, Marines Never Do

Every dog has his day, and today Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa. had his. Murtha's attacker in November, U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt, who was booed from the House floor for her now infamous claim "Cowards cut and run, Marines never do.", was officially reprimanded on Thursday for violating campaign law. Bravo for poetic justice!

Schmidt apparently made an "oopsy" when she claimed on her website that she had two college degrees when in fact she holds only one. Graduate Emeritus Pre-emptus? What a joke, she actually claims that she never knew of the contents of her website. Right, have you ever heard of a Pole-Cat-icion who did not have the innate ability to quote verse and scripture, every single morsel of press they ever received? Backwards while ice dancing with the local Bear? Come on folks!

"After a media call to the university revealed she had not, she said she had completed the course work for an education degree but had not received one, said her lawyer, William Todd."

I know this was a short clip from the news today, and yes I hail from Texas, live in Florida, and have absolutely no ties to Ohio. (There was that woman who attended Waffle House University with me, I digress) Wake up! Here we go again, one more time, one more Republican, one more lie. Is this a new prerequisite to the party from which I so adamantly defended a year ago?

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