Saturday, April 08, 2006

My Pulpit

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Man have we lost focus. I've read posts today and tonight, that ostracize some of our fellow bloggers. I've read posts that poke fun and ridicule. I've read posts that isolate the far left from the left, much less from the right. I've read posts that just plain and simple, suck wind. But hey! Welcome to BloggerLand, right? Maybe, but what about action, turning corners, doing something different? I know, I am up here in my pulpit,( GTL said tonight it was ok for me to thump the bible), and i am overstepping my pious boundaries to stoop to such a level as to defend "steve" and "The Chosen One", (not my terminology), but everyone take a deep breath and either click off this post, or settle and listen for another two minutes, makes no difference, for I will speak anyway.

I made a joking reference to Steve O's post 6 out of 10,(a good post I might add), I said in jest, "I resemble that remark". And I do, laughably,yes, but with good and due cause. The "Republitards" who voted for GW did so out of despair and lack of faith in the Dem party, and yes, out of not wanting to waste their vote on a 3rd party guy with no real chance.( I did the Perot dance earlier) Hence, "Republitards" are no fools, and have some sort of, if twisted, purpose. I may stand before you today and say I am sorry for the fact that I had a part in GW being the figurehead he is today, but I have no shame in the reasons I did not support Clinton, Gore, Kerry or any of the other lame ass excuses for a presidential candidate that my Dem counterparts at the time had to offer. Lest we forget, Rwanda lost a million souls by '94 under Clinton's watch, and we as a nation said "what an atrocity" and continued on with dinner. Sarajevo flamed in and out at that time as well, and we barbecued and entertained guests and looked past homeland security.

Steve O, I love our interactions and your support of me, Jet, you are a favorite pronouncer of my cause, ( the glass is always half full), GTL, the rest, I love talking and reading here, but lest we keep making the same simple errors time and again, do not gloat. Remember, and always know, there is a reason those "Republitards" are flocking to the left now, even out of pure disdain and despair in their beliefs to what that means. They want change. They want hope. We want a realistic shot at peace on earth. This is NOT the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Eagles, this is life. Not a sporting event by way one of the competitors will be crowned victor, rather this is and was designed to be a free exchange of ideas and values. I realize by posting this, I have embraced a chaste few, and probably done moral and political damage to my delicate reputation, being said, I am not running for office Ken Grundland, and I do support you and yours in you efforts.

In departure from my norm, I am not even posting this to my site, (yet), as the gen pop would have no idea whom I speak of. I am not picking a fight, au contra ire, I am attempting a unite, or at least a look. I appreciate, beyond recognition, the opportunity afforded me here to speak my peace. For those that know me, I never back down from a fight, yet I never incite one. My Dad always said to speak my mind. I have just spoken my mind, thank you.

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