Friday, April 21, 2006

Whiny Republitards! Just what New Orleans Needs...

What in the hell does it take? The DNC announced it's plans to use New Orleans as it's venue for strategizing, and while they're at it they plan to take the opportunity to help clean things up a bit, literally, they are gonna put the "suits" on the streets with shovels and trash bags etc., to clean and restore. And all the GOP can say is
"I'm not sure what the Democrats hope to gain except cheap political points at the expense of Louisiana and the White House," said Glen Bolger, a GOP strategist and pollster.

What are they thinking? "the expense of Louisiana"? Like the DNC is going to charge for the cleanup effort? This is a simple and beautiful gesture, yes of course politically motivated ( they are a political organization, if you did not know), but why are the GOP talking heads calling this an expense? Maybe it weighs in on the debit ledger for them, but Louisiana? I would think that the GOP have the budget and the means to answer this with actions of their own, instead of needless sour grapes. OK, so Bush et al have blown it in the Gulf recovery so bad that a token gesture by a few hundred politicists can rattle their cage? Who is to fault here?
"For the American people, Katrina is one of the biggest symbols that this government doesn't work for their interests," said Jenny Backus, a Democratic consultant.

The strategists also said that meeting in New Orleans injects tourist dollars into a fragile economy, sends an important message that the city is open for business and allows the party to identify with part of its base.

Can anyone tell me in an intelligent conversation how several hundred volunteers lending a cleaning hand, spending private funds, and helping to promote the recovery of a badly affected region can be an expense? Please do.
"While President Bush maintains an unwavering commitment to rebuilding the Gulf Coast, Democrats remain just as committed to political posturing for short-term gain," said Tracey Schmitt, a Republican National Committee spokeswoman.

I don't know about you, but where I come from, actions speak much louder than words. Just a thought.

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