Thursday, June 15, 2006

Landscaping, Roof Repair, Racoons Through The Ceiling

Ok, so it is Florida after all, and we do have critters. But seriously, raccoons clawing through the roof, into the ceiling and attempting a good old fashioned breaking and entering? Valerie was standing in the kitchen, looking at little hands poking down through the ceiling and flailing about like something from alien, and all I could do was laugh my ass off!

In our infinite wisdom, we are systematically raping the Southwest Coast of Florida now, having succeeded in thoroughly impregnating the East Coast, why not? After all, this is America, right? Home of the American dream? Two houses in every portfolio and seven condos to spare? What a waste, these people down here are so negligent in their waste of nature in a race to keep up with the Greenspans. The housing market nationally has been looking very good, and mostly because of a land and building boom down here in Bush's summer back yard.

The scandal of it all is that, no new people are moving in, there really isn't the phenomenal growth surge you would think is driving this boom, no, just a few very rich people trying to get richer. The plan is to buy a house, then buy three more to burn and turn, roll them over in a year or so at the new going boom rate, and grab a few hundred thousand bucks along the way. Sounds great, right?

So where are Rocky Raccoon and family supposed to go? I am all in favor of utilization of the land and resources for growth in population and economy, but to blatantly rape the mangroves and forestry just to build more empty houses to falsely bloat the economy, only to set up a tremendous fall when the market corrects, and oh boy, will the market correct! I am appalled at the climate of selfish business this administration's policies have born. Who needs to protect the Alaskan Wilderness, when we can rape the beautiful coastal wetlands for simple profit? This is the equivalent of Whaling for sport, and leaving the carcasses to rot without use.

I spent the better part of the day landscaping of sorts, in order to protect my veggie garden from the onslaught of displaced armadillos, opossums, 'coons, etc., that are moving in to my park here as the construction just behind me in what was last year a part of the Koreshan State Park, (I would love to see that building contract and the perks that obtained it.) A little later on I will climb upon the roof and repair the damage by my midnight marauding raccoon friends, I can't help but pause for a moment though and wonder...? To what end is this building craze destined? Even the local economists forecast unusually high vacancy rates, kind of like money on paper, assets that don't really exist. Maybe we should 'government subsidize' them for the critters whom we displaced for no good reason, sounds almost like a replay for the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

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