Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Harold, Hillary, and Arlen...'Pink' style.

Forgive me if I rant a little while perusing the wires and headlines tonight, and I might even include a blurb or two in regards to content I read on some "Bring it On" responses as well.

Harold Ford wants Tom's old spot, Hillary thinks she's being obsessed (yep, I know, I thought she meant possessed, but no, obsessed or something.) Bush is repelling a special prosecutor appointment, New Orleans is having a Semi-Mardis Gras, Arlen Specter is, well, breathing. On the response pages, windspike says to the good doctor "Don’t let any of the repubs fool you. They are not about smaller government. They are about smaller government for poor people and bigger benefits for folks who can become owners - that would be the already rich." (well, a direct quote with the exception of my correcting the typo on "governement") Has the whole world really lost it's mind? (sorry windspike, follow along, you might agree)

I am a hick, simple man, former Republican, father of four, bankrupted entrepreneur, and manure spinner 'extraordinaire', who are you? I realize that I do not hold certain credentials, degrees, honors, or other memberships, but I still ask who are you? Who are they? Back in Texas, there were Cattlemen, Cattle Agents, and Cattle Rustlers ( I know, "back in the day"...be patient and follow) The Cattlemen, well, they owned the cattle. (For my New York friends, "Cattle" = "cows", kinda like "latte" = "coffee", with me so far?)

Cattle Agents were, hmm, well they were hired guns... like Cattle Mercenaries, yeah, that's it, Cattle Mercenaries because the "Long arm of the law" wasn't so long back then, anyway, follow along. Well, that leaves the Cattle Rustlers. Thieves, Despots, Losers, Scum of the times to be sure, and thoroughly desperate characters. Enters stage left: Pink Higgins, Cattle Agent. Yep, google him if you want, my Great Grandfather, John Calhoun Pinckney Higgins, http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rls=PCTA,PCTA:2006-08,PCTA:en&q=Pink+Higgins.

Well, 'Ol Pink wouldn't have taken kindly to so much verbalizing and so little personalizing. Back then, if you couldn't set your word with a handshake, well...that's what the feud was about I suppose. Bringing it back to modern times now, the Cattle Barrons are Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, you fill in the rest of the blanks. Cattle Rustlers? Hmmm, let's tag Hillary and Arlen with that ( not an unrustled thought between 'em i suppose). Cattle Agents? That must leave me, windspike, and all the rest of the bloggers out there in the world. OK, so Hillary and Arlen aren't "Scum of the times" (maybe) and Wolfie is no longer a Barron, but you get my drift.

Let me tell you a true story,(again, google it if you must) about "Ol Pink". Seems in his travels across the vast spread he was protecting, ( NY translation: "while cruisin' his hood") he came across this Rustler who had killed a cow and was in the process of skinning it. (NY translation: he was removing the stereo for all it's worth!) Anyway, a shoot out ensued, and the Rustler died while skinning the cow. Well, to make a long story short, 'Ol Pink finished the job of disemboweling said cow, stuffed dead guy in head first, and sewed the the guy in up to his boots sticking out the cow's arse! He then proceeded into town and told the Sheriff "Damndest thing you ever saw Sheriff, there's a cow giving birth to a man!"

So who are you?, have you ever been on foodstamps? I have. Have you ever been homeless? I have. Has the Red Cross ever issued you a "credit card to recover? Yep, that's me. And have you ever had to rationalize in your mind the difference between "I think" and "Yes please"? I have.

I think that long before we criticize the man, the party, the cause...we should stop and consider a person. The one we are truly trying to reach. What about them, and their small government for poor people. What about the one's we refer to as "There but for the grace of God go I" Here we are, here I am.

Pink died from a fatal gunshot to the heart whilst sitting on his front porch, probably from a relative of one of the many men he was forced to dole out justice to. Texas Ranger, Outlaw, Killer of more men than Bat Masterson, my grandpa, and my excuse to rant on overly tonight.

If Pink were around, I shudder to think what he might see. Well, at least he would know that I was using up all my credits in raising a ruckus! (NY translation: " He'd be proud I was stirrin' up some shit!"

As should you.