Saturday, April 15, 2006

Requiem for a Freind

The middle class died last week, much to the dismay of the Bush administration. When contacted, WhiteHouse spokesman Mick E. Mouse. said,

" I am not sure what the meaning of "died" is."

Defense Secretary Donald Dumsfeld weighed in as saying,

"The damned Middle Class never stood a chance anyway, we are on our way to emulate President Fox in Mexico to having a two tier, Mansion and Trailor Park society. No room for a cumbersome Middle Class anyway. Personally, I refer to them as the 'Muddle Class', GW likes that one, reminds him of 'muggles' in Harry Potter, have to keep the little guy laughing you know!"

Middle Class began showing signs of over exposure to Oil just a few short years ago, when the now famous "Dancing Flames of the Desert" began to appear on Iraq's horizon once again. News cloumnist Bill 'sweetcheeks' O'Rielly said in an on air appearance, "I'd rather be dead, than a Middle Class Fred", and that seems to have been the Obituary of the day.

Needless to say, Gardening Queen Martha Stewpot, was quite upset that her most recent K-smart line would have no buyers, but she did hint at aquiring a government welfare gig to sustain the failing line.

Services for Middle Class will be held Easter Sunday, right after the "egg roll'" on White house property, and will be led by none other than Alan Greenspawn, in an effort to reunite the lost battalion of totally non-persecuted Jews from Israel that Iran has so deftly described.

Survivors are Bushco Inc., Dumsfeld et al, Wolfowitz enterprises, the Delayed Group, Dick-Dick-andDick's son, World Pain and Suffering, and the Nation of France.

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