Thursday, March 23, 2006

Get "Stood Up"

“Free governments do not oppress their people or attack other free nations

President Bush in a State Dept. release 3/16/2006

It never ceases to amaze me, the things this man and his 'writers' can say. BushWorldCorp US, Inc. held yet another stirring speech to supporters on Thursday, to yet again back up his record of 3 years War in Iraq. In his rolling style from one topic to the next he forgot what he said on the 16th when he was quoted yesterday, saying,

"We removed the Taliban from power, we've denied al Qaeda safe haven, and that young country, that young democracy, is now beginning to grow. Twenty-five million people are liberated as a result of the United States defending itself,"

Now, granted, this statement was not on the War in Iraq, but it was as close to a "good thing" ( as Martha say's) as he was going to get for the day. Never mind that Afghanistan did not attack us. Never mind that they were certainly 'not' in any type of civil war, or tribal disputes at the time.(right) Never mind that we as a "free government" attacked another "free nation". ( I believe they held a UN Charter at the time) It was a "good thing" (just love Martha's accent), because he could rouse the 2000 people, which included 250 military families around the fact that we had gone over there in good faith to fight the good fight against evil Osama and the Holy Mountain Gang. But were we supposed to reinvent their government while we were at it? And did we? I mean really, did we? They are gonna pull some guy apart in pieces because he snubbed their religion. Did we really liberate them?

And then he proclaimed for Iraq to quit messin' around and "get stood up"

"It's time for a government to get stood up," he said. "There's time for the elected representatives - or those who represent the voters, the political parties - to come together and form a unity government."

I am confused. When I got stood up on my first date with Jennifer Powell in the 10th Grade, it was most certainly not "a good thing".

"These troops that we're training are going to have to stand up and defend their democracy."

I am confused again, when my Mom made me dress exactly like my older brother and go to school, it was most certainly not my outfit I was defending.

Just because we have had our way and bullied these nations into our way of thinking. Just because Halliburton and BushWorldCorp US, Inc., need things to settle down over there so shareholders can ease up on the pressure, really what right do we have to tell them how to govern, or more basically, what to stand up for and defend? Now Mom thought that those matching plaid shirts with striped big bell bottom pants were adorable, and I'm quite certain that by the SMU academic society to which we belonged, they were. But by basic Texas redneck standards, the duds had to go. How can we prop these governments up in front of their society (Arabs, Muslims, etc,) and tell them that they look just fine in Levi's and Stetson's? It is no more our place in that, than it is our place to be letting our Sons and Daughters die in a strange land for beliefs that are not embraced by those that we have come to "save". What if Billy Graham knocked on your door tonight and said he was here to "save" you? Or if the "Supremes" showed up at the clinic and said they were there to "save"you?

I know it will never happen, 'cause after GW Bush they will never let anyone who claim's to be a Texan near the place, but just on the thought that they might let me 'cause I'm genuine. I would like to knock on the White House door and tell them that I am here as a representative of some of the American Voters, and I hope Poor George II can get "stood up" long enough to "save" himself from himself and his 'writers'.

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